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February 22, 2017

I am in love with my flat this year. I'm a whopping 5 minutes walk from the uni campus & my lectures, I have all the food shops a stones throw away, the flat is modern and clean, and I have a great chum to live with. There's nothing more important that being happy in your flat when you're at uni - its your retreat when times get stressful and tough, it should be your happy place.

This flat is everything I need for my fourth year, and has really helped me while I stress about everything else thats going on in my life. I've put love and effort into filling it with happy things to make me smile when I go in. Although its a small space, I worked with what I had and managed to find a spot for everything to fit in.

I've decked my room out in all my favourite things, while sticking to a student budget - so the majority are from Primark or Poundland & the like. It's become a lovely little home this year, where I love to spend time watching Netflix and unwinding from the day. It also helps that its got white walls, meaning I can add colourful items. Oh and get this - the radiator works, so I didn't freeze to death this winter! What more can a student want?

I thought to kick off my youtube channel for this year (since it got lost in the stress of dissertation and blogmas last year) that I'd film a wee room tour, showing off how I've decorated my little space. Its a short wee video, that gives you a little introduction into my life. I'm still a bit awkward with filming etc so I do apologise for the intro and ending - but if you persevere with me, I'm sure I'll get better. (And get a better filming angle & lighting lol).

Let me know what you think of it, and be sure to like, comment and subscribe to my youtube! Lost In Wanderlust

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  1. Love seeing what "uni-life" is like in other places. I went to college in the states (Kentucky) and our dorms weren't quite so nice, haha. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so excited to start university and April. I have my apartment, now I just have to pick out all the furniture and colour scheme and everything. Just talking about it gets me so excited !! It's awesome that your uni is only 5 minutes away. Such a plus!

    Thanks for sharing!
    - Dominick (

  3. You have very nice and simple room! I love those fresh colors. When I was studying in Ohio my room had blue carpets and wooden brown doors - not the most beautiful combo haha! Those little details like the black board for a to do list are also super cute. Thanks for sharing!

    Nora /

  4. Your vanity mirror is really cute!
    Abbie E.

  5. I love this and it's given me some ideas! Thank you!

  6. Very nice post! I like a lot your colourfull pillows :)

  7. Love the fact your place in close to uni as it makes it so much easier. I miss uni life! x