How To Stay Organised At University

January 23, 2017

University is a hard nut to crack. There's certainly a knack to nailing it, but that knack isn't necessarily the same for everybody. After three and a half years, I've finally found my rhythm. I've found a routine, and it seems to be working. It only took three years to find it. 

This year, I'm in my stride. I'm taking classes, extra curricular and social outings head on, and I'm managing to stay afloat. It's a rare sight - Emily's actually looks like she knows what she's doing. And I feel good about it. 

It may have taken a while to get here, but I'm glad I finally found it - my routine. And so, I'm sharing some of my tips and tricks that are making me fourth year a little bit easier. 

Get a planner
My planner is my life saver. Its not the prettiest diary around, but it does the job. I opted for a day view planner, this way I can write all my 'to dos', meetings and deadlines on one page and manage my time effectively. Its great to see everything down in one place, and that way I know what I'm working with. Nothing will be a surprise from now on, and I'll always stay on top of things. 

Make To Do Lists
The simple to do list. Depending my day, I either write these things in my planner, or I have a separate note pad where I make all my lists. At the end of every day, I like to make a list of things I want to do the next day. This helps me organise my own thoughts and prepare for the next day. By doing this, I'm able to sit at my desk each morning and get straight to it - it saves hours of 'what should I do first? Where did I finish yesterday?' and lets my dig straight in. The key is keeping the list short enough that its not daunting, and include some easy things that can be ticked off quickly. When you start seeing the items get ticked off, you'll feel better and see how productive you are being. 

Start a Routine
Its easier said than done, but this term I've focused on how to effectively use my time. This means I like to be in bed by 10.30, up and around 8 (although I'm easing myself into the 7am start). I know what hours I work my best at, so like to work throughout the day till 4.30, then hit the gym. Getting into this routine took some time, and was tweaked and adapted as I went along to find out what worked best for me. Now I enjoy my days and I know when I'm doing what. 

Make Weekly Goals
One of the newest things I've started to do is make goals for the week, and make notes of the things I need to do. These don't all have to be academic things - I add things like booking trains / flights. I got myself a chalk board and have it displayed on my desk, this way I can see what I have to do in the week. Making these goals is a good way to encourage myself to keep working towards something, and is good to consider what I'd like to achieve in the week. I also keep a track of how many times I've gone to the gym or managed to do a bedroom workout, so that I feel good when I see the tallies add up. 

Check Your Deadlines
The most important thing is to always check when my deadlines are. This way I can prepare for the term. I know how long it takes to research and write essays, and so, knowing my deadlines lets me know when I should start the work. Knowing when the deadlines are helps you organise your time and prepare properly. 

What things do you do to stay organised?


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  1. I love to do lists, i make lists for everything, plans, daily meals, books i want to read etc. I love the idea of a chalk board, i think i need one in my office.

  2. Absolutely love this, and your photos!

  3. Could not agree more with this list, it will definitely help those who need to stay organised, inside or outside of university =^.^=

  4. Loved this post! I have finished uni now but agree so much with being organised!

  5. I always set my weekly goal every Sunday for the following week. Nice sharing!

  6. Get a planner is such a good idea, now that you remember me of that, I have to go to library and buy one. Organization is the key to success.

  7. Such a good idea, I'm going to start setting myself goals for how many words to write in a week. Feels so much better to have a routine.

    Love your blog and its name so cute!

    Best Wishes,

    Bethany Grace |
    New and Creative Writing Blog