WISHLIST | Christmas Pyjammas

December 17, 2016

What's more festive then a pair of pyjammas? The Christmas period is all about the cosiness factor, and there is nothing better than getting all snuggled up in a pair of festive pjs. Once work and uni is finished, a pj day is the answer to getting rid of all those other stresses. Pj days are made for this time of the year, and a new pair of jammies is, of course, needed.

So for today's wishlist I thought I'd share a few of the festive jammies that I've been finding, and lusting for.

M & S
Pure Cotton Checked Pyjammas

These are the perfect flannel jammies for Christmas, the cotton will be so soft and warm. Tartan is such a winter print, so these pjs are perfectly suited to cold December Nights.

New Look 
Gold Crushed Velvet Top and Bottoms
£14.99 (top) & £12.99 (bottoms)

I know, totally 90s right? But these look so soft - could you imagine the feeling of the velvet against your skin?

Ava Nordic Print Long Sleeve Legging Pj Set

This pj set looks super kid like - which suits me because I always revert back to being a kid when I'm at home. I'm one for pjs with legs that won't ride up during the night, and these tighter leggings would be ideal.

Cream Snowman Pj Set

It wouldn't be a festive pj wishlist without totally over the top Christmas print, and this pj set is hilarious. The snowman's face really cute, and would be so adorable to go to bed on Christmas eve with these pjs on.

Grey Pink Check Long T-shirt and Leggings
£7.00 (top) & £7.00 (leggings)

These pyjammas look like the perfect lounge day pjs. They'd be super comfortable and relaxed, and the pattern is sweet with the faded look.

What pjs will you be wearing this Christmas? I feel like a new pair of pyjammas are an essential addition every Christmas!


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