December 22, 2016

By this point in December, there's nothing better than getting curled down and watching a good Christmas film. Christmas films are so jolly, funny and by far the happiest films to watch, which is why I love to watch them as often as I can.

Just a couple of days ago, Elf was named the UK's favourite Christmas film, which got me thinking about those films I would name my favourite. It's such a hard choice when there's so many out there, and I always feel some films are suited to specific times of the month, while others I've been watching since September over and over again.

1. The Santa Clause
By far one of the best movies - I can quote almost all the lines along with the film, it's got so many good quotes to miss. The North Pole is how I like to imagine the Santa's workshop is, and Tim Allen makes the perfect Santa.

2. Christmas With The Kranks
Tim Allen is a staple at Christmas, making another appearance in this great film. It's a hilarious film that I love to laugh along with.

3. Love Actually
I haven't met a person who doesn't love this film. I find I get attached to certain characters, and story lines. It's so funny to see how the different stories link together, and how all the characters connect to one another. It's a cheesy, feel good romance that will fill you with happiness. 

4. Nativity!
This is the ultimate cute film that you will laugh throughout. The kids are beyond adorable, and their little dances moves are awesome. It's one of those films where you've got to forget about the plot holes and just focus on the cuteness factor, and you will love it.

5. Elf
It's the UK's favourite film, and its one of my favourites too - Elf is hilarious and will have you smiling from start to end as you follow Buddy on his journey through New York, and laugh at his inevitable mishaps and wrong goings. 

Those are only a few of my favourites - of course there are many more that I've missed off this list... White Christmas, The Polar Express and Home Alone to name a few. 

Now that there's only a couple days left till Christmas is here, I'm trying to cram all my holiday viewing in before its too late. What will be on your list of films to watch?


Other Festive Favourites: 

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