January In Pictures

February 01, 2016

As its the end of the first month of the year - I know, how!? - i thought I'd start a little round up post of my instagram pictures from the month! I might actually make this a weekly thing, considering I did promise to do daily instagram posts in my New Years Resolutions post and I have majorly failed that one already, this might encourage me to post more. We can hope, right!

Following this wee collage round, I thought I'd share why I posted these pics and explain a little about what was going on in my January. I love following posts like this (in fact Fashion Polaroids does awesome posts about her week in pictures) and I really enjoy having a nosey about what she and other bloggers that also do this are up to!

  1. French plaits have become my new go to hairstyle. I rock this style at least twice a week - and usually in an attempt to hide hair that is over due a wash. I love how easy they are to do, but how they look like you've put in a bit of effort that day.
  2. Here's my wee doggy Alfie, a regular feature of many of my stories. We decided that this cold wet weather wasn't good for him so invested in this coat from Pets at Home. He loves parading about in it, and it helps keep him a little drier, and a lot less muddy!
  3. With the storms that came at the end of December, my neighbourhood was in a bit of a tiz. We live right next to the river which - for the first time in decades - burst its banks. This is one of the little bridges that was completely flooded. When I was a kid I was able to walk under these and explore, but at the start of January it had flooded over the path.
  4. This picture of food (another regular feature of my blog posts and many an instagram photo) is the eggs Benedict I got while I was in London for brunch. I posted lots of my meals in a London food diary post, which you can hit up here. 
  5. I took this snap from Calton Hill the other day. Its a beautiful spot that lets you see across Edinburgh, and I timed it right to see the sun set over the city. 
  6. Here's an attempt of my trying to be artsy - snow on a tree at night. It was snowing, I got excited. But because its Scotland, the ground was too wet for it to lie - so this tree was the only place that could capture the fact it really was snowing!
  7. As I said, we had a lot of stormy weather over Christmas, and with that a lot of strange things were washed up on the beach. This anchor was my favourite. We tried lifting it up but it was so heavy all we could do was make it stand.
  8. I treated myself to boiled eggs and soldiers one morning and tried to live in the Christmas spirit even though it was well past Christmas, with these cute santa egg holders.
  9. One early morning dog walk saw us walking over frosty grounds. But I do love the way it looked over the countryside, despite being super cold.
  10. Again, I was reliving the Christmas period (it's January, its allowed!) by eating up the last of the Christmas bakes. These cute Christmas cookies are also a feature of this recipe blog post, which can be adapted for any time of the year!
  11. Oreo Ice Cream Shakes - the best thing ever, even on a cold day. I wrote this post about the cafe I got them from!
  12. Again, from Papii, I got some tomato chilli soup to warm me back up and it was delightful. It's also a feature of this post!
  13. Right bang in the centre is a throwback I did the other day. I've been seriously missing the purple hair that I had in October. It lasted not even two weeks, as it was temporary dye, but I'm seriously considering going for it sometime soon again. 
And that's my January in my instagram pictures! What do you think - should I make this a regular feature? Now that I've given you a taste of what my instagram has to offer, I'd love it if you'd follow me - emilyrebeccajohnston.


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