Blogmas Day 14 | Tacky Christmas Jumpers

December 14, 2015

Today I found a wonderfully tacky jumper that was just begging to be bought. Another place to tick off my London 'To-Do' list is Camden, an area of London littered with vintage, craft and somewhat random shops, all of which have beautiful displays that draw you in.

After a day of shopping I stumbled across a great vintage shop in the centre of the market, filled with beautiful pieces from every decade of the 1900s. And as it is the Christmas season, the front of the store was filled with racks of vintage Christmas jumpers. The jumper that I decided to settle on - and believe me there were many that were asking to be worn proudly this festive season - is this beautiful number.

Is there enough going on? Gold thread covers the centre to add some 'glitz and glamour' while gems and sparkly beads adorn each festive shape. Perfect isn't it? And to make it better, the back is even decorate, albeit in a more subtle fashion, but Christmassy none the less.

For a grand total of £3, how could I resist? I love wearing Christmas jumpers around December, and have been looking to expand my collection this year. I love having festive jumpers suitable for different occasions, with more subtle ones worn in November and bright & bold ones like this for closer to the big day. I know that this one will be worn at many a Christmas do. Carolling, services, or even visiting relatives, this jumper will be the talk of the party.

Do you love or hate Christmas jumpers? I can't stop smiling when I see someone wearing one, so I want to spread the cheer too. And its obvious that the vintage and charity shops are the place to get the best ones!

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