Cramond Island

April 10, 2015

I made a trip out to a small place just outside of Edinburgh called Cramond Island with my sister a few weeks ago. Cramond lies on the Forth, a mere 40 minute bus ride from the centre of Edinburgh. The place itself has been mentioned in quite a few of my lectures as it has a great history behind it, so obviously the geek in me wanted to take a trip out there.

Typical Scottish weather (very unlike the weather we've been having this last few days) left us cold to the bone, despite the many many layers.

When the tide is high, the little walk way to the island is covered in water, but as the tide lowers the walk way becomes clear and its safe to walk there. And we managed to miss judge the times and weren't able to actually reach the island. We were able to walk along some of the island, but since the tide was still relatively high we were a little scared we would either get stranded, or a huge wave would come and sweep us off.

We had a little wander along the beach. Dog owners galore here - so many families were walking along the path and dogs ran along side. And despite the weather, an ice cream van still made an appearance!

Unfortunately rain started, and we quickly ran for cover in an inn / pub next to the shore. The fire was blazing and we quickly warmed up. 

After this we then went for a little bit of a wander. I was keen to find the Roman fort that was once occupied here. Its located in the church yard, and since the excavations have all been completed, the outline of the fort has been over laid with gravel to make it stand out, and labels showing what all the different areas would have been. I quite enjoyed seeing this; Eleanor on the other hand, not so much. 

We then went for a walk along the river. I really enjoyed this, as it was so peaceful. We came across ruins of some sort (and posed for a couple of photos) and discovered a little water fall. 

Overall, this was a very lovely day - in spite of the weather. If you're looking for something to do in Edinburgh that's a bit different then definitely have a trip up here. We've found that we've done most of the touristy things in Edinburgh, and we wanted to avoid the crowds in town on the long weekend. Let me know if you've visited Cramond island, or if there's any less touristy places in Edinburgh that you'd recommend! 


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