Cocktails At Candy Bar

April 12, 2015

The same weekend that I took a trip to Steak, for a try of Steak On Stones, I spent the Saturday afternoon having cocktails at Candy Bar on George Street in Edinburgh.

This cutesy bar is ideal for a girly catch up, some yummy food and delicious cocktails. So, I thought I'd give you a wee look at the things I tried, and try and tempt you to go for yourself if you're ever in the beautiful capital.

 I started off with a Candy Cane Swizzle, purely because I saw it came with both a candy cane and a glow stick! Nothing says fun like a glowstick! Holly opted for the Passion Fruit Daiquri and to make the day get off to a good start, we both had a Jammy Donut Shot - Bailey's Irish Cream with Creme de Framboise on top.

To go along with our drinks, we decide to order the cheese fondu. Now, our family is a huge lover of cheese; it was calling out to us on the menu. We also ordered some chicken strippers which came with a cute little pot of sweet chilli dip to plunge the strippers into. 

Our next round of drinks were ordered as the food came - just to keep the flow going. I had a Margarita while Holly got a Caribbean Crush. 

Because we started to worry about the bill we were running up, we ordered one last round. This time, I had a Bramble - apparently popular back in the 80s, but definitely something I will be ordering again - and Holly had a Bad Romance. As well as another Jammy Dodger shot - because why not.

It's all very reasonably priced here, and the staff were so lovely. There's so many drinks on the menu,, that I know I will be back again soon to try even more out - as well as the chocolate fondu (how I managed to resist that the last time is honestly a wonder). 

Have a look at their website here and be sure to visit if you're in Edinburgh! To keep track of all the places I go to eat / drink, follow me over on Zomato.


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