What Will 2015 Bring?

January 07, 2015

OH how time flies! I think I speak for everyone when I say, how are we in 2015 already!

Personally, I'm not a great lover of the New Year. I love the build up to Christmas and Christmas itself, but the few days after all the left overs are eaten and everyone waits in anticipation for the clock to strike 12 midnight on the 31st of December, I feel quite sad that literally the most wonderful time of the year has come to a close.

I'm also not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions... I can never keep them, nor do I genuinely try- they are more token efforts of "I want to get fit and healthy" which is a common occurrence on resolution lists, or its something like "try my hardest in this set of exams, which I would do whether I made a note of it in January or not.

In my last post I made a little list of things that I did last year (shameless plug for you to check that one out here) which did actually start me thinking about what's to come in 2015. Which, coincidentally, is what I thought I'd share on this post.


I've already got some things booked and in the pipeline. First of which is a trip down to Manchester with my sister Eleanor in June. YES as lame and 'obsessed' as it is, we're going down so that we can see one of our favourite bands- 5 Seconds of Summer- play at the MEN arena. So why not make it a few days long to include a bit of exploring?! And it would be rude travelling all the way to England without making a 2 hour trip to see our brother in Herefordshire. What started out as a harmless trip to Manchester to see a band (which we did a couple of years ago for One Direction) has turned into a somewhat expensive week long trip involving flights, trains, hotels and buses, but will be SO much fun.

Because this trip wasn't planned until fairly recently, Eleanor and I had already decided and in excitement booked a week holiday together in August to the infamous Magaluf. Now I have no idea how this trip will go and if it will be a success or not as a destination for two sisters like us, but I loved the girls holiday I went on last year to Kavos, so we decided to bite the bullet and give it our best shot.

The majority of my summer holiday will be taken up with an archaeology dig, which I am super excited about. As you'll most likely know, I am a HUGE archaeology geek. Since I plan on taking the field archaeology course in my 4th year, I need to complete a combined total of 13 weeks of excavations, which equates to 5 weeks this summer. When I start semester two, I'll have a better idea of where I'll be jetting off to, but if all goes to plan then I'll be digging under the hot sun and definitely not packing any waterproofs this year! My dig last year to Chester were the best 3 weeks ever, so I can't wait to spend longer on another excavation.

My Blog

What's the plan with Under The Scottish Rain then? Well, I started this little project off last February, so its almost been a year that I've been writing my nonsense and you have had the opportunity to sneak a peak into my brain. I have seen the quality of my posts improve SO much, especially having time over summer to develop my writing style and produce better photos as well as reviews and stories. With that I've also noticed my follower count and audience have increased; I've reached over 600 followers on Bloglovin and people are regularly viewing from as far as Australia, Sri Lanka and China, to closer to home like France, the Netherlands and Germany. Its crazy  and I'm SO thankful.

This year my plan is to get into a more regular posting schedule, and organise my time a little better. I'd like to include more product reviews (especially of those I got from santa) as well as some lifestyle posts, like recipes and maybe a few student tips. But like last year, I'll just post freely and continue to enjoy this little hobby - what I want and when I want. I wouldn't say I have a big goal for this year- follower wise it would be great to achieve the big one thousand followers- but that has to be earned, so I'll continue to post and hope that you all enjoy it.

My Life

This year I feel its time for my to get my first part time job- it would be nice to have a little more dosh for all the trips I've planned, and I feel like 19 is the right time. What I can't believe about 2015, is that this year I will turn 20. I always imagine 20 year olds to be so mature and with a plan for their life. Me? I'll be in my third year at university this time next year, hopefully feeling fully settled in with it and coping with entering my honours year. My biggest goal for uni is to feel fully happy- I still feel so young and have to occasionally call my mum to coach me through lots of deadlines. If I can manage myself better this year then I will be one happy bunny.

What are you plans for 2015? Anything exciting in the pipeline? Let me know in the comments!



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