These Boots Are Made For Walking

December 23, 2014

For my birthday last month, my grandma very kindly gave me some money so that I could have a look around and treat myself to something I really wanted. And this year, I was lusting after a new pair of black ankle boots.

So being home for the weekend, I dragged my mum into town with me and we spent the whole day searching for the perfect pair.
This proved to be very very difficult.

Turns out my feet have shrunk from a 4 to a 3, meaning that any pair of boots I loved were out of stock in my size. Aggravating to say the least.

BUT I refused to give up, and I fell in love with a pair from Topshop. Typically no size 3s were in store, but I managed to bag myself a pair when I went back down to Edinburgh (thank goodness!). 

What drew my attention to these boots was the gold chain, its something a bit edgier for me, but I love it nonetheless. AND to make it better, the chain can be taken off giving me two different boots in one- versatile or what!? The gold at the front of the boot stands out, so when the chain is off the boots are still that little bit different and are eye catching.

The little heel on the boots give them the little clip clopping sound that I love, so every step to and from uni makes me feel like I'm on a catwalk and 10 times taller than everyone else (reality is obviously a lot different) while still being comfortable.

It cuts just under the ankle, meaning I need to add a roll to my trousers I wear, but they work perfectly with dresses, skirts or jeans and leggings.

Typically I've just looked to see how much they are and while I bought them a couple of weeks ago at £68, they are now only £35. An absolute bargain for a gorgeous pair of boots.

What I'm wearing
Topshop's AXEL Chain Ankle Boots
Sheepskin coat (My mum's in the 70s)
Oversized Snood from New Look
Faux Fur Headband from H and M



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  1. Love your boots!!!
    i like them with the chain on! ( it makes them a bit more edgy)


  2. Boots are my favourite shoes to wear, especially at this time of year! These look amazing! xx

    Beyond the Velvet | Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog

  3. Those boots really are the most perfect pair! I love them. Topshop do the best shoes I think. Your outfit is so gorgeous too! x x

  4. These boots are gorgeous. I love the gold hardware on them! And the little heel just makes them look so cute!! x

  5. I have some like these but the gold chain is on the back x
    Emma | Emmys Blog