Autumnal Feelings

October 29, 2014

Yet ANOTHER trip home brought about ANOTHER dog walk. I know, I know, how often do I go home!? This time it was for a good reason- my brother was back up to Aberdeen and since this was his first visit trip back up in over a year, it only seemed right to pack my overnight bag again and visit him and the fam.

But, you guessed it, lots more dog walks were had while I was home. Surely you must be getting e theme now- Emily's at home so another photo shoot opportunity. This time I went to the forest of Durris with my sister Eleanor which is just on the outskirts of Aberdeen; a mere half an hour drive and totally worth it. 

I haven't been to Durris for quite a few weeks and as leaves crunched underfoot as we walked, it was very clear that autumn has placed a very firm grasp over this forest. 

The trees were wonderful shades of orange and yellow, with some more resistant and staying green for a little longer. It rained and was very very windy, but the sun was in the sky, albeit very weak, but still present. And at the end of the walk, a rainbow had appeared. 

With all the beauties of natural surrounding us as we walked, how could I resist not pulling out my phone and snapping up some of the sights. And so, how could I resist show casing those images for you to see. 

Watching the trees change from green to orange, then as the leaves fall off is one of my favourite things to do this time of the year. I was determined not to miss it, as it always seems to change in the blink of an eye. 


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