Autumn Fashion Staples

September 29, 2014

I think it's fair to say we can't be delving into our summer wardrobe anymore; it's the end of Septmember and, true to the weather forecasts word, the cold autumn chill is in the air. 

So it's time to start picking out a whole new wardrobe and prepare for days that can only get colder and wetter. 

I've picked out a selection of different items of clothes, and the list could truly go on forever, but I limited myself to a few staple pieces that I want to add to my autumn wardrobe. 

Topshop, Lace Insert Flippy Dress 

This is just one of those dresses that are so casual and easy to wear, that it has to be an addition to my wardrobe. The lace shoulders make it a little different from the average grey jersey dress, making it all that but fancier. It could be paired with woolly tights when the winter draws nearer, as with boots or pumps. 

New Look,  Light Pink Dip Hem Fluffy Jumper 

Fluffy jumpers just scream warmth at me, it seems ideal for the colder days. I really like the light punk shade of this jumper and I would wear it with skirts, over dresses or jeans/ leggings- so versatile which is why I think it's a staple piece. I also think it would look amazing with a statement necklace. 

New Look, Pale Blue Fluffy Reindeer Print Christmas Jumper

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas, and if shops are bringing in Christmas jumpers then it would be rude not to include it in a post, right!? And this one just looks like a snowy winter scene and I love it. 

Zara, Poplin Collar Dress

A little more expensive, yes, but still necessary. I love collars and think they make tops/ dresses so cute, so immediately I loved this dress. I love the straight cut, as I feel it would be perfect concealment of a food baby after Christmas meals out or the Christmas dinner. Black dresses are super versatile, and can be dressed up or worn casually, which is why it's a staple. 

Primark, Check Drop Waist Dress

I fell in love with a dress very similar to this is Primark last year, and have regretted not buying it when I had the chance. It's tartan and has a collar, what more is there to say? Perfect for going out, or wearing with woolly tights and boots and tartan is so in this season. 

Misguided, Tallesa Wellie Chelsea Boots 

I think that these are the cutest boots ever. I never even realised they were wellies! I thought these would be perfect to wear with dresses or skirts, and ideal when it's raining and the ground is covered in soggy leaves. And they look so smart too. 

Missguided, Lena Cocoon Coat Powder Blue

This looks like it could be the cosiest coat ever. The colour just pops, and I love that about it. These colours are very in at the moment, and I still can't decided if I prefer this coat in powder blue or powder pink. It is an essential for my wardrobe for sure. 

I'm going to have to cut myself short here, as there are so many more clothes that I want for myself and to show, but this could go on FOREVER. I may even do another post later on with any new clothes coming into the shops, just to indulge myself. 

Let me know if you agree and would have some of these pieces in your wardrobe, or link me to your own posts so I can see what you're staples are. 

Thanks for reading week 6 of #teenbloggerseries! I can't believe how far into it already, and there's only a few more weeks left. Have a look at all my other post in this series, and let me know if you've been enjoying it as much as I have! 


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  1. The fluffy reindeer jumper is super cute! It's crazy how there are lots of Christmas stuff everywhere already, oh well I'm not complaining :D lovely post xx

    Rebecca Coco

  2. I love summer but I can't wait to wear cosy jumpers and winter boots! That Zara christmas jumper is so nice! I know it's early but I am definitely getting excited about Christmas already!!

    Alice xxx