Teen Blog Series, Week One

August 25, 2014

Teen Bloggers Anouska Millar and Beth have decided to start a project called #TeenBlogSeries. Its aim is to bring together lots of the teens/young adults in the blogging community. For the next ten consecutive weeks, over 80 bloggers will be writing every Monday at 6:30pm about many different things, all beauty, lifestyle or fashion related. You can view everyones posts by going to the hashtag on twitter "TeenBlogSeries". If you would like to supply products for the giveaway, get involved, or have any questions, please email: anouskateenblogger@googlemail.com

SO this is my very first post in the #teenblogseries and week one is 10 facts abut me; a way to get to know other bloggers taking part in this series, and for readers to get to know a little more about us too. I've already written a few posts with lots of facts about me- both the 50 facts tag and the Liebster Award- so coming up with new and original ideas was pretty difficult but here goes!
This is me, up a hill- a favourite place of mine

1. I am currently at university, studying archaeology and history. It's a four year course and I'm about to enter my second year! I want to become an archaeologist and went on my first excavation this summer. 

On my first dig, this summer

2. I am pretty unfit, I haven't done much exercise in the last year- which is awful I know- but as of last week, I joined a gym, and I plan to start dancing again when uni starts back up.

3. My ideal first date would be going somewhere/ doing something fun. I like the cinema, but feel it's boring for a first date- where you should get to know one another; on the other hand, a sit down dinner puts too much pressure on talking. So I think an activity would be a more comfortable environment for that dreaded first date. Which (side fact) I have never had.

4. I prefer a village to a city. Not for living in at the moment (I like the options that Edinburgh has to offer) but I'd much rather visit villages and small towns on holidays rather than bustling touristy places. And I can see myself settling down in a quieter area outside of a city when I'm much older. 

5. I think my spirit animal would have to be a pig- the animal for my year of birth coincidentally) because I literally will eat about anything, and in huge quantities. It's a surprise I'm not bed bound with the amount I eat, but I think I have a fast metabolism. 

6.That being said, I spent a good year of my life panicking I was going to die, because my first year biology teacher said people who eat a lot and stay skinny actually cover their heart in fat and will die young. My mum had to convince me that it wouldn't actually happen.

7. I own a dog, which if you've read my blog or seen my instagram you are probably well aware of, who is a springer spaniel called Alfie. He is the first dog I've ever owned and he's now a year and a half. I love him to pieces and can't think of anything better. Because of him, I'm biased in saying so, but springer spaniels are my favourite breed because I think they are the perfect size and have such a friendly and loveable disposition. Alfie is also the most handsome dog ever. 

Said Dog

8. I become obsessed with bands- again you could tell if you knew me- to the point where I travel to see them. Last year I travelled from Aberdeen to Manchester to see a one direction concert, and am doing the same but this time just with my little sister for a 5 Seconds of Summer concert in June. 

At the Manchester Take Me Home Tour- One Direction and 5sos

9. I have a very clear plan for my future in my head, the first step being graduating university. Then I have routes planned of where I want to go on my gap year, and jobs I want to become involved in. It's slightly OCD but I love planning a really great future so that I am determined to stick things out to get there. 

10. Finally, I am happiest when I am with my family. A very soppy fact about myself but it's true, and it's the reason I travelled home so much during first year. I'm best friends with my sisters, and I'm dreading October when my older sister is moving to France. The whole family gets along so well and we all spend so much time together, that I will easily cancel other plans to do something with them. (That sounds awful!) 

With my whole family

So thanks for reading and make sure you follow to keep up with the next in the #teenblogseries which will go up every Monday at 6.30 for the next 10 weeks.



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  1. Great post!
    I love little villages too :)

    Ellie from LittleEllieMae :)

  2. Love you post! I'm planning a gap year too! Just before I go to Uni... Oh and 5SOS are one of my favourite bands! :) I'd love it if you'd check out my 10 facts post too!

    Amy Caitlin xo | cloudcaitlin24.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks, that sounds exciting- part of me wishes I'd done a gap year before uni. Ah cool! Sure I'll have a look now :)

  3. I just found your blog, and I've really enjoyed reading through your last few posts. Can't wait to see the rest of the ones in this series! :)

    Joanne | www.fashion-oh.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you, thats really kind! Let me know what you think as the series goes along!