Throwback Thursday

May 29, 2014

Today, I thought I'd do my first ever 'Throwback Thursday', rather sceptically might I add, as I'm well aware that some moments, though special to myself and those involved, may be on the boring side to those of you who read this. However, I feel like this is too good a moment to not mention, and such a great opportunity to show off a present that I was given today.

Back in February last year, one of my best friend's held a "small" party at her house while her parents were away. The night was amazing, and remains one of my favourite parties from 6th year. That is aside from the fact that I was sick on her bed, all over a fur coat. But the whole night was really funny when I think about it. I drank a lot that night, I sheepishly admit, but remarkably remember a lot of it. That is sitting in a room downing a bottle of goodness knows what while a few of us girls told each other secrets, walking into a door and acquiring a swollen eye, gaining an extraordinary amount of confidence and chucking an uninvited and unwanted someone out of the house as well as hugging a lot of people. I apparently cried that night too, but I don't recall why that began although I quite believe it. The night ended with my two friends having to walk me down the road to my house, and locking my door and posting the keys through the letter box (something which gave us away to my parents). But the next morning I was surprisingly cheery and still managed to make it to church to teach a Sunday School class!

This photo always makes me smile, the girls in it are just the best and I'm so happy to have this as a phone cover.

This is the actual photo:

And this is the more sensible one that preceded it (although I think I look like a vampire here, awfully pale but hey ho):

Much love, 

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