Song Of The Week #3

May 28, 2014

My song from this week has definitely got to be 5 Seconds of Summer's Heartache On The Big Screen. 

I first got into 5 Seconds of Summer after I saw them perform as One Direction's support act on their Take Me Home Tour, when I saw them in Glasgow. I found their tunes really catchy, and this was around the time Heartbreak Girl first came out. I kept this song on repeat for a couple of months until I went to see One Direction in Manchester, and I just fell in love. Both my little sister and I started playing all their songs all day until they got banned in the house, we bought merch and became obsessed on twitter.

Their EP was released a couple of months ago, and of course we went a bit mad for it, but just this last week I've had Heartache On The Big Screen stuck in my head non stop. I think its to do with the fact that I had a dream about Michael Clifford (I hesitantly admit this) and started replaying a lot of their songs.

I don't know what the particular thing about this song is, but I can't stop listening! I would highly recommend this song for a good ol' sing along. I just really like the analogy of a movie that they use to describe the love story... its such a great song!

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