Kitting My Sister Out

May 23, 2014

My little sister, who is currently off on study leave, made a trip down to Edinburgh yesterday and is planning on staying for a couple of day- just to give us both something to do during the days.

As you may have read, it was her birthday at the start of the month (Surprising My Sister) which left her with some birthday money to spend. As the shops in Aberdeen aren't that big and therefore don't have as much stock, we thought it was a good idea to get her kitted out down here. 

So this post is just to show off the couple of things she bought, which I picked out for her. She can be quite bad at shopping- she never picks up things she isn't automatically drawn to/ isn't exactly her style. But I "forced her" to take in a few dresses to the changing rooms and she actually really liked a couple of them. 

From TopShop, she got this dress.

We thought it was ideal for a party that she is going to at the end of the month- paired with a little pair of heals. But it is also such a summery dress that I said with her white or blue converse, she could wear that  outfit into town and it would look casual but like she put in an effort. What I love about this dress is the off the shoulder sleeves, which are in fashion right now, but I don't think I can pull them off, hence why I got Eleanor to try it on. We didn't realise on the hanger, but it is actually a body con dress; something which Eleanor doesn't often wear. But I helped to convince her that the style does suit her slender figure and now she feels happy it in.

We headed to New Look with the intention of getting a pair of black wedges, which Eleanor has been longing for. She's a bit taller than me (and I'm sure she's actually just had another growth spurt) therefore, she doesn't like to wear heels to parties and such things because she worries that she will be taller than everyone. So when we couldn't find a pair of black wedges, and all the other heels she tried on did make her very tall, I started to pull out the platform shoes that only have a bit of height to them. I've never really considered them for myself; I'm more into heels to add a little extra height, but I decided to get her to give them a go. The pair we ended up deciding on were a pair of black sandal shoes with a small heel. I think they're a really good idea for summer, and will help make a casual look a little bit more fancy, and I'm considering getting a pair for myself too.

Finally, Eleanor decided to copy me (*imitation is a form of flattery*) and get Pandora rings to stack as well, and picked out the same love heart ring that I have, and paired it with her birthstone ring too. And I'm actually a bit jealous of the colour of her birthstone, its a really nice turquoise which I think stands out really nicely.

Hopefully this was a little bit different for you to read, I love to pull out clothes for Eleanor to try on; we went into the TopShop changing rooms with piles of clothes, the majority of which Eleanor had sneered at when I pulled them out but actually suited her really well. Sometimes it is worth listening to your sister.


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