50 Facts About Me, Part 2

March 29, 2014

This post is a follow on from Part One which I posted almost two months ago, and I've decided to finish off all 50 facts now since I've got a little audience now (which I find absolutely amazing and mind blowing- so thank you!). So here are the next 25 facts about me, so that you know everything you'll need to know, and some of these are very embarrassing to admit, but I might as well just admit them now...

26. I have two budgies called Chas and Dave, although it turns out Chas is a girl (because she laid an egg). My family has had budgies my whole life, and its become a tradition for my dad to name them after one of his favourite musicians- we've had Elvis, Angus and Malcolm (from ACDC) and Sonny...

27. I can not sing to save my life. I like to imagine I can and I will sing everywhere, but I am well aware that I am tone deaf. 

28. I once wanted to be an author, and I have tried writing many a book (each are as cringy as the other).

29. My favourite fruit (?) is peas in the pod, I will eat and eat and eat them until I go sick. Which actually happened when I was younger. 

30. My favourite kind of days are when my family are all together. We don't need to talk all the time, but just being in each others company makes me really happy.

31. My favourite colour is pink. I know its stereotypically girly, but I love all the different shades. Its not a colour I tend to wear, but I like using it for backgrounds and things like that. 

32. I am a very organised person. Not tidy- my room is always a mess- but I like to have a schedule and know what I'm supposed to be doing when. I have so many lists on my phone that tell me where I should be when, which helps to calm me on busy days.

33. At school, I was a proper suck up to teachers, I hated arriving to class late, and I would always do my homework on time.
34. Pretty much at the end of every holiday I've been on, I've cried just because I've loved spending time with the fam and being somewhere new. We always have such a good time, and it makes me sad that it goes by so quickly.

35. I can't wear hats (I'm writing this as a girl in a beanie walks past... I envy her). I just don't suit any type of hat and I'll only ever wear a woolly hat and its got to be really cold for that.

36. One of my favourite classes at school was Latin, which makes me sound like a nerd, but I was quite good at it and I absolutely loved my teachers. Its one of my biggest school regrets that I didn't take Advanced Higher Latin. 

37. I had braces from s1 till s3 (only a year and a half) and 5 years later I still wear my retainer every night so that my teeth don't move. 

38. At school, I completed my Bronze, Silver, and Gold DofE, and they were some of the best days ever. Very difficult, but so worth it.

39. If I could change one thing about myself, it would probably be my nose because I've always thought I have a bump in it and I want it gone.. but I'd never have a nose job so I put up with it.

40. I love to doodle, ad I doodle on every piece of paper, even if I'm paying attention. My uni notes are covered in lines and squiggles.

41. I am super jealous of anyone who has dimples.

42. It used to be a dream of mine to host a Time Team (a channel 4 archaeology programme), and in a class at school, me and my friends made a project called 'Emily's Time Team'.. It was literally one of the best things ever. 

43. I used to also dream the man that I'd marry would also be an archaeologist and we would joke that one day I'd find my 'Mr Archaeology'. 

44. One of my favourite things to do when I'm home is go on a forest walk with someone in my family (usually my dad) and Alfie. 

45. I love to listen to my dad's records with him and hearing old bands and singers... I now understand what he means when he says you can't beat the sound of an LP.

46. My mum has taught me to bake, and double chocolate chip cookies are my speciality.

47. I love to read books, and I have far too many to fit in my bookcase because I buy £1 books from charity shops and church fairs. I have them all arranged in alphabetical order by the author's name, and I hate when the pages are folded, its one of my biggest pet peeves.

48. I'm addicted to playing Sudoku on my phone. Its something I downloaded ages ago but I've found it really addictive recently, its crazy how many games I've played.

49. If it wasn't obvious, I have a huge girl crush on Rebecca Ferguson, I think she is such a babe. 

50. I love girls night in, especially with my sisters where we just watch movies, eat crisps and dips and haribo pinballs, and gossip.

And that makes 50! Hope this post was a good read, and let you find out a bit more about me. As I've said I'm trying to post more, but I haven't really got a theme to this blog... think of it as ramblings of an eighteen year old who just posts what ever pops to mind. Saying that, I'll be publishing some posts with my view on things, as well as everyday bits and bobs and hope that some of that appeals to you. 

Thanks for the views guys, it means a lot!
As always, love and hugs,

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