The problems of flat mates

February 28, 2014

A short list of things that bug me about some of my flat mates.

(Disclosure: they are nice, friendly people but some of their habits annoy me. This does not apply to all of the girls in the flat, just a couple, and I do still like them all, tonight I think I just snapped a little)

1. They talk so loud that I can hear their conversations through the walls.
2. They let the fire doors slam shut. No matter what time of night.
3. They steal my food.
4. They take my plates/cutlery/tumblers into their rooms and don't return or wash them.
5. If I have people over in the kitchen then they stay in their rooms, and as soon as we leave, the flat becomes a hive of activity. 
6. They sing and play the ukulele till 1 in the morning and start again at 8.
7. It is impossible to sleep with the noise they make.
8.  They seem to have the loudest laugh ever that goes right through you.
9. They leave passive aggressive notes everywhere, telling the rest of us to do stuff which they, in fact, do themselves. 
10. No one communicates. Everything is said over the facebook group message we have, or through notes.
11. They come in at all hours of the night.
12. They have the loudest alarm ever, that gets snoozed every morning for an hour, so although they can sleep through it, everyone else in the flat is awake.
13. The shower plug is full of hair and no one cleans it.
14. I have half a shelf in the fridge. They take up so much room.
15. One of them basically locked herself in her room for days and we thought she was dead because her light was on but there was no movement.
16. Everyone refuses to buy toilet roll, soap and washing up liquid. When something runs out, its a battle to see who will cave first and buy it. Usually its me and one other girl.
17. No one takes out the recycling bin, so rubbish gets piled on top of it in bags, and its left to me and that same girl to take it out.
18. We have mice in the building and they still leave rubbish and crumbs everywhere.
19. The kitchen sink basin has lived in the toilet for the last week and I have no idea why. 
20. I think one of them is growing weed in her room.

Hope that made you laugh and feel sorry with what I have to put up with. 

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