FOOD POST | Cobbie's 'Kitch-Inn' Tayport

January 27, 2020

It's been too long since I posted about food on this blog, which is surprising considering its one of my favourite things. I've found myself out and about a lot more these past few months, trying lots of the different cafes and restaurants that Edinburgh has to offer, and I thought it would be a good way to get back to the blogging game by sharing all the tasty meals I've had on my blog.

I mentioned in my post summing up 2019 that I'm currently working on an away job around the St. Andrews area. This means that I spend my Mondays to Fridays away from my flat and living with my work mates. Working outside in the winter is unsurprisingly cold and dark, and at the end of a long day we've been making our way back to a caravan park in Tayport, where the heating gets cranked up and we wash off the days work before gorging on Pringles and chocolates. Being away from home for the past 3 months has been tough going, and we've found ourselves stuck in a routine of tv and snacking in the evenings. So to mix things up a little, we decided to explore the town of Tayport (which is difficult when we don't get back till evening and everything is closed). Googling places to eat in Tayport comes up with very few options, but Cobbie's popped up high on Google's recommendations and we were keen to give it a try.

Since being to Cobbie's that first time back early November, we've made many return visits, each time with new work mates in tow. Entering through the pub, you're immediately met by lots of facing spilling into all areas of the small pub area, but heading through to the back where the Kitch-Inn restaurant waits, there's more space to find a table. What immediately drew us into this place was how friendly everyone was - each member of staff was so welcoming, and the locals who frequent the place were eager to ask what brings a bunch of scruffy looking archaeologists to town. When we've been saving the visit for an end of the week treat on a Thursday night, we've been in the restaurant when locals gather for a folk night, to sing and play their instruments - and its a lovely, heart warming thing to see.

The food at Cobbie's is incredible. The menu has so much choice, and the chef is amazing, you won't be able to find a bad thing on the menu. My all time favourite is the Macaroni and cheese. You will be hard pressed to find a mac'n'cheese as good as this one, and this is coming from a big time lover of the dish. I've loved it so much, I had it almost every time I've visited the jaunt. With the new year, we noticed a wee bit of a refresh to the menu - keeping all the old favourites, but adding some new dishes to taste. On our most recent visit, I ordered a chilli nacho burger - which was the best way to treat myself after a week of healthy eating.

Everything is also beautifully displayed. I wasn't expecting my plate to be a tree stump, nor the burgers to come on slates, but the quirky and cute details in the presentation - including mugs filled with pasta and cheese pouring down the side, or a small frying pan of chicken strips - really add to the overall charm of the place.

The food and drink here is so reasonably priced, another reason we find ourselves making return visits - there's few places you can find a pink gin and tonic, in a glass full of berries for £2.50!

While we haven't been able to explore Tayport itself, we've become familiar with the caravan park, and I think for anyone who wants a wee get-away, within easy reach of a bigger city (Dundee) and in an area for walking and exploring, then Tayport is the spot. And if that brings you to Tayport, then Cobbie's has to be the first place you visit, if only to see if I'm right about the mac'n'cheese.


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