May Lifestyle Favourites

June 06, 2016

As its become a thing here on Under The Scottish Rain, I've been sharing some of the things that have brought me a little bit of happiness or has made my life easier over the last month. And as we are well into the way of June, its time to look back at May! I have to admit, I initially found it a little difficult to find things to mention - maybe I've been playing it too safe this month, sticking to the products and things I know (or maybe its because I'm saving every last penny at the moment in anticipation of an expensive summer ahead) BUT I had a good long think about May and have come up with a few things worth mentioning.

The first up is a book!

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
I was recently giving some vouchers in return for doing a spot of work in the archaeology department, and I decided to buy myself lots and lots of books so that I could spend my summer reading things that aren't all academic books and this was in one of the piles. I really enjoyed the book as a whole, although the ending has left me scouring book shops for the sequel. It is a somewhat slow book - no real action happening till the very end, and I'd be inclined to say this book is here more to set the scene for book two. However, the story is fascinating.. These children live in another world - a frozen time zone - and each have their own peculiarity: a unique talent that is somewhat a special power. What really made this book so interesting is the incorporation of real photographs throughout, which the author has collected from other collectors and based his story around. This makes the story all that more real - giving you the idea that these children (and beasts) may really have lived. It's well worth the read, if purely to feel like a child again reading a picture book, but you will find yourself becoming more and more caught up in the story of these peculiar children.

My favourite piece of clothing was this floral crop top  from New Look. You may have seen recently on my instagram, that I paired this top with a beautiful long pale blue skirt for a party I went to (and I have an OOTD waiting to be posted featuring that very outfit). This top is the perfect summer number - I'm a real sucker for floral patterns, so this top is right up my street. It's super comfortable and can be worn with so many different outfits - shorts, skirts, high waisted jeans. The material is pretty thick, and has padding around the bust which means you don't even need to wear a bra with it - ultimate comfort!

My favourite film this month was The Jungle Book which I saw right at the start of May, but has stayed with me throughout the month. I'm a huge lover of the Disney cartoon version, and knew all the songs off by heart - so was a little sceptical when it was becoming live animation. I was blown away by it all - not only the amazing CGI that is used, but also the acting of the kid who played Mowgli too. It brought the story to life, and made it so real that I even felt sorry for Shere Khan. If you are a lover of Disney then this film is one for you.

Makeup wise I've actually being trying to cut down on the amount of makeup I wear, and have been letting the sunshine clear up my skin. However, I've had a few occasions that have called for some heavier make up and that's where this Make Up Revolution palette comes in. I'm a massive fan of Make Up Revolution - their low prices makes make up affordable again, and the quality is awesome. This palette - Iconic 2 - is one of my favourites because of all the glitter - glittery eyes are the way to go this summer, and this palette gives enough options for any type of look, day time or night time.

After years of having the same purse and it finally giving out on me I had to find a new one that would fit all my cards. The price of purses made my heart sink - I could not believe how high in price they were so a trip to trusty old Primark was in order. I managed to find this cute purse, which has a good amount of card holders as well as plenty of room for change & notes (that's for the rare occasion when I actually have them). The colour is bright and playful - perfect for summer, and how could I resist a pineapple on the front!

Although there are only a few things that I'm classing as a favourite this month, I still wanted to share those things - quality over quantity right? Let me know if you've been loving any of these things too & leave me suggestions and recommendations in the comments below.

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