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May 14, 2016

A couple of weeks ago - before the onslaught of revision and stress really hit me hard and I was still able to go out for treats - I was invited along to taste Revolution's new menu. Being a massive food enthusiast, and by that I mean I love having it prepared and set down in front of me for my enjoyment, this was an offer I could not say no to. I was invited along, with a guest, to try out a main course of my choosing.

Revolution forever will be remembered by me as Vodka Revs, the place of the flavoured shot sticks, which make a night out all that more fun, I'd never actually been along to try their food before, I'd always just associated it with a boozy afternoon / night out. From now though, Revolution will be the first in my mind for a tastey lunch or dinner. Revolution feels like such up market place, they ooze class through their decoration and smartly dressed staff, but manage to produce great quality food for relatively low prices - making it all that more appealing.

I went for one of the biggest things on the menu - a full rack of ribs, covered in bbq sauce with a side of chips. I'm a massive rib lover, its certainly not the most graceful thing to eat, and I could see a few people looking as I picked up the ribs to eat every last bit of meat, but it was too good to waste. The chips were also delicious, and were great to dip into the 'house ketchup' which was their own recipe with a hidden special fruit. We were left guessing what this added extra ingredient was, but it made the ketchup so moreish! The dish also came along with a side of cauliflower coleslaw, which I've never had before, but found it really good to compliment the ribs.

Eleanor (who was unsurprisingly my plus one) had the duck frites. We halved our dishes so that we could each try two dishes. The duck was incredible. Its not often I have duck - its a sworn enemy of my mum's, and not something that is on menus that often - so it was a real treat. The duck was perfectly crispy, and came with an orange glaze that complimented it perfectly, as well as some fries.

Living up to my reputation as 'the eating machine' (yes my dad genuinely did name me that) I of course added on a desert. Again Eleanor and I ordered one each then halved them to get double the options. I order the Nutella Fluffwich - what even is that I hear you ask. Well its marshmallow fluff and nutella spread on sourdough with a blueberry sauce. Crazy I know, but impossible to resist. It was the best thing I've ever tasted, and made me feel like a kid making the most unhealthiest snack ever when allowed to have reign over the cupboards. It was perfect for a gal like me who has a sweet tooth, and gave me a sufficient buzz to carry on with revision after. Eleanor ordered the chocolate brownie. It had to be one of the most chocolatey deserts I've ever tasted, making me thankful we halved it. Nonetheless, I was able to devour it in a few bites and loved the combination of it with the vanilla ice-cream.

My mouth is literally drooling right now. Good job I have some snacks in my flat to satisfy me and save me from running out to order it all again. I was insanely full after I finished, and didn't need to eat for hours afterwards - a sign of a very good meal with good sized portions.

Revolution also have some great offers on too - with a 15 minute lunch guarantee if you're in a rush and stuck to a tight lunch break, as well as two courses for £10.95. And if you're wanting to extend your time there longer, they also have some great drink deals and some awesome flavours of cocktails and shots. Check out all they're menus and deals on their website here!

Let me know if you've tried out any of the dishes, or which dishes you will try once you've looked at the menu!


Revolution offered me a main meal and drink in return for my feedback. It was my choice to compose this blog post, and all opinions are my own. 

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