Blogmas Day 7 | My Favourite Christmas Songs

December 07, 2015

As I do love a good list of my favourites - you may have caught up on my top 5 Christmas movies - I thought I'd compile a wee list of my favourite Christmas songs. Oldies, traditional, recent and less well known, I am not picky. Any Christmas song will get me up and dancing, feeling festive and put a huge smile on my face. So here's a list of my top 10 and reasons why they've made it there.

1. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Darlene Love
This has been one of my favourites for years and years, I love to have a good sing along with it, and really get into it. Darlene Love has such a beautiful voice and I love the old quality to the track. It's becoming super popular now a days with lots of covers of it, but nothing will ever replace Darlene in my heart.

2. Parade of The Wooden Soldiers
The Crystals
Another song off of Phil Spector's Christmas Gift To You album (my favourite Christmas album). This one is super cheery, and a lot of fun. I love it whenever it comes on as its such an upbeat song that you can't listen to it without smiling.

3. Happy Xmas (War is Over)
John Lenon
This song brings up so many happy memories. Its the first song on our family's favourite Christmas album, so is always the first song we hear when we walk into the living room to see the presents that Santa has brought. We also sang a cover of the song one Sunday School nativity service, and I can't help laugh remembering us trying to reach the high chorus of 'war is over'.

4. One More Sleep
Leona Lewis
This one is a fairly new addition to my list. I think the song just sums up my excitement in the run up to Christmas as the day draws closer. Leona is an absolute babe, so she has to be included in this list, as her voice makes me melt. In fact her whole Christmas album is great to listen to.

5. Driving Home For Christmas
Chris Rea
This song is one of my favourites, purely because I started a tradition when I moved away for Uni. When I'm on the train ride home for the Christmas holidays, I always make sure I listen to it. It makes me so excited to be getting closer to my family, and I relate to it so much.

6. Drummer Boy
Justin Bieber
Okay so this is a bit of a random one, but it fast became a favourite after Justin released a Christmas album a few years back. Its been my ambition to learn the rapping parts in it (it seems unlikely, but yes there is rapping) and I have successfully mastered the first verse. It's just a lot of fun, so has to be included in my top ten.

7 . Carol of the Bells
The American Boy Choir
Who doesn't try to sing along to this one? I admit, maybe I shouldn't considering how high the notes are but I can't help it. I love this song, as it appears in so many movies and symbolises Christmas to me. The skill of the singers is amazing, and I love how beautiful this song sounds.

8. O Holy Night
Leona Lewis
Again another Leona song, but when I heard her version of Holy Night I was instantly won over. Her voice is incredible in this song, and I find myself really getting into it. Its one of my favourite Christian songs, and I love to listen to this when I'm having a quieter day.

9. Fairy Tale of New York
The Pogues
A classic. Not much needs to be said about this song, as I'd imagine practically everyone has heard of it, and almost everyone has sung along. The lyrics, although a little out dated, are so catchy and a perfect for a Christmas party or a wee drunken night.

10. Its Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas
Michael Buble
This song just symbolises the start of Christmas. It's great to listen to whenever we have the decorations up, or do something a little bit festive. Michael has a great voice that is suited perfectly to Christmas songs. His whole album is amazing to listen to, and you'll find yourself bobbing along and getting jolly.

So these are my top 10 Christmas songs  - have you heard of them all? I love to have a wide variety of Christmas songs on my playlist. Of course, there are so many more I could have included in this list, and the list is ever changing, but currently these 10 are my most listened to. Let me know what your favourites are too!

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  1. Nothing better than listening to Christmas songs in December! Especially if it involves Michael Buble.