Blogmas Day 4 | Foodie Friday at Peter's Yard

December 04, 2015

Its become somewhat a tradition or a routine that when I finish my Friday morning class, myself and a friend take a short walk to Peter's Yard. Its fast become one of my favourite places to go, and I find myself there at least once a week.

Usually I treat myself to hot chocolate, and sometimes one of their fancy pieces. I love to try out different pieces from their table full of goodness - but find myself always coming back to the vanilla and blueberry buns!

Peter's Yard has such a cool atmosphere to it. Whenever I'm there I always feel sophisticated and grown up - even bumping into some of my lectures in the queue. Their display of bakery goods and sandwiches will make your eyes water and mouth drool - its always so tempting! The staff here are delightful. They always greet us with a smile as we arrive, and always stop to chat as they deliver our drinks and food. Its this reason that I find myself returning again and again.

Today, as it was my last lecture of the semester, and we've finished all our course work, we decided to treat ourselves to one of the breakfast options. The sweet breakfast tray - the Frukostbricka (don't ask me to pronounce that!) - instantly caught my eye and I bit the bullet, ordering it straight away.
It was to die for, each component was tasty, and altogether was very filling. It also beckoned to be photographed, so I really couldn't resist adding it to today's blog post.

I can't recommend this place enough. And what's better is that if you're in a rush you can pop to their take away shop just round the corner and miss the queues, as this place is quite popular!

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