Blogmas Day 16 | My Favourite Christmas Adverts

December 16, 2015

Everyone loves a good Christmas advert. And now a-days there's become a huge fuss over who has the best Christmas advert, with countdowns for them coming on tv and the songs becoming chart toppers. So I thought I'd do a little run down of my favourite adverts from the last few years, and encourage you to watch them to get in the Christmassy mood. These are in no particular order!

John Lewis - 20121 - For Gifts You Can't Wait To Give

This advert fills me with happiness - the little boy is so adorable in the way he's so excited about the big day. I think that the message of the advert is so lovely, and that it shows the Christmas is even more exciting when you're giving someone something great. I know I get so anxious to give my family their gifts, and seeing their reactions is so much more fun.

Apple iPhone 2013 

I love this advert too much. Initially I thought that the boy in this was so rude, and that it shows what this generation is coming to - obsessed with their phones. Although its a huge plug for what iPhones can do, it actually is really sweet at showing how family is the most important thing at Christmas.

John Lewis - 2013 - The Bear and The Hare

John Lewis is known for having some of the best adverts, and the one that has won it for me is 'The Bear and The Hare'. This advert is super cute, and has one of the best songs to go along with it. It shows how important friendship is, and shows that nobody should be left out at Christmastime.

Coca Cola - Holidays Are Coming

This is my favourite, I've got to say. Whenever it comes on tv I can't help but smile, it really signifies the start of the Christmas period for me. The song 'holidays are coming' gets me ready for Christmas and just shows the excitement for this period. I also love how its the same advert that has been shown every year so that its become a trade mark for this festive time.

Irn Bru - 2007 - The Snowman

You may have seen in one of my previous posts (My Top Christmas Films) that The Snowman is one of my favourite Christmas films for Christmas Eve. So when Irn Bru came out with a spoof of the snowman, I fell in love. Not only is the snowman trying to grab a can of Irn Bru, but the lyrics are changed in Walking in The Air to fit in with the snowman stealing the Irn Bru. It's great, and I can't stop singing the song even when the advert is done.

What are your favourite Christmas adverts? Don't they just make the season! I love ad breaks now that they are full of gift ideas, Christmas day outfits and food that makes you drool.

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