Blogmas Day 10 | My Top Christmas Films

December 11, 2015

(I'm sorry this is late, with travelling to London yesterday I never realise my scheduled post didn't go live. But here is Blogmas Day 10!)

If you saw my post from last week - My Top 5 Christmas Films - then you'll know that the list needs to be continued. So I'm going to finish off the list for you today, making it a round top 10 films for you to cosy up at night to watch.

So to continue...

6. Love Actually

This is a feel good film. I always find myself getting attached to all the different characters that we meet, and willing them to have a happy ending - which most of them do. It's perfect for Christmas, when everyone wants to spend time with their family, but really its a good film to throw on in summer when you're in the Christmas mood but aren't allowed to watch a film that's strictly Christmas.

7. The Grinch

Now, I used to hate the grinch - I think it was because my mum never liked Jim Carrey so we never really watched it. We rediscovered it a couple of years ago, and we now love it. Its a staple for the Christmas period. Jim Carrey is perfect for acting out the grinch, and you'll find yourself disgusted by his behaviour, but still willing for his heart to grow two sizes for the sake of the Whos.

8. The Polar Express

This is a film that I've got to be in the right mood for, because its quite a bit more serious than other Christmas films. I'm also not a huge fan of the way the North Pole is in this movie, but other than that, I'm always impressed by the graphics in this movie. The whole train ride to the North Pole is incredible, and I am always at the edge of my seat as the train twists and turns.

9. White Christmas

This is a film my family loves, and its perfect to watch on Christmas Eve. The ending really makes the film, and you can't help but smile. With catchy songs, that leave me and my family singing for days after, this film could not be missed from my list. It's a classic, traditional Christmas film

10. The Snowman

This is another tradition for my family to watch this before bed on Christmas Eve. It's such a short film but it creates a perfect Christmas atmosphere. Its a very cute feel good film that should be on everyone's list.

And that makes a perfect 10. I hope this very comprehensive list gives you many ideas for what to watch on the days leading up to Christmas. And please let me know if there are other films that I should include on this list!

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