El Toro Loco Restaurant Launch & Review

October 05, 2015

Well it’s been a while now hasn’t it? Excuses.. do you want them? Other than the fact life has been flying by recently and with third year well and truly throwing me in at the deep end and laughing as I try and keep my head above the water, I have had to also struggle with having no internet at my flat. How did people cope before? It’s a combination of missing my favourite vlogs at night time, missing many messages on facebook and trying to cope without being able to google the answer to anything that has left me in a bit of a state. But nonetheless, here I am, and I’m about to attempt to get my blogging schedule back up and running so that this little bit of the internet isn’t left without some love.

SO, as my little “get back into it all” post, I thought I’d write about a restaurant launch that I was at a couple of weeks ago - my first week back in Edinburgh. I was kindly emailed, making me aware of this awesome event at a Mexican restaurant called El Toro Loco, on the grassmarket, which was celebrating its launch to coincide with the Mexican Day of Independance. The name of the event - “Margarita Masterclass” - had me overly excited, as well as the promise of tasting some of the menu.

On arrival, we were met with welcoming faces and a glass of wine from the owner himself, Paul Duncan. The restaurant, which specialises in Mexican street food, was beautiful to see, with all the decor looking very authentically Mexican, and it was great to hear the story behind each piece and many were sourced locally! I became entranced by the floor - the centre piece was a bull’s head, made out of Mexican coins, and surrounding it were thousands (36,000 to be exact) Mexican coins. It was this fascination - and luck of where I sat - that helped me find the one 5 pence coin hidden amongst it all!

The food was delicious, we were told that we would get to taste a small burrito, which wasn’t nearly as small as I imagined (and half had to be taken away in a doggy bag!) and got to pick off of the menu, from a selection of beans, meat, filling and sauces. As you can see, I was very happy with my pick of chicken, beans and salad!

The margarita masterclass created a very chilled atmosphere, as we were told how to create different flavours, and got to taste all of the ones that were made. Needless to say, I came away a little bit tipsy!

I’d recommend you pop on over to this restaurant - you can chose to sit in, or if you’re in need of a quick meal then you can have take away - and with prices ranging from £4.50 to £6, how can you resist. All the staff are lovely, and were quick to offer recommendations when I asked for a cooler burrito for my low tolerance of spice. Both Paul and Caitriona were charming, and have created a real gem for the grassmarket.

Let me know if you’ve tried El Toro Loco out too!

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