The Apolline Project | Week Three

August 30, 2015

I feel like this week should be entitled 'The One With All The Wheel Barrows'.

After a not so great weekend - where all my possessions got stolen on a beach in Naples - I had to pluck up my courage and put on a brave face meeting all the new arrivals. It was such a weird feeling to see new people in the beds of old friends, and have to build up new relationships while maintaining the ones with the friends who were still there. Nonetheless, it became easy to gell with these new people especially once we were given trenches of our own. I've been placed in a new trench, at the North wall of the bath complex, with the new supervisor. I've started to become attached to this trench, despite the fact we are taking out backfill to re-excavate a drainage system. We are still finding some artefacts missed in the previous sieving, and have come across some patterned siggilata as well as a blue glass tessera.

This week, I've made it my goal to take as many wheel barrows to the dump as possible - which may sound odd, but it's become a real challenge. Previously, I've only managed eight in a day, but this week I've managed two days of fifteen and a day with eighteen! Might I add that this is no mean feat, and involves filling them to the brim then pushing them up a steap hill - or running up the hill, which I like to do. It started off with me trying to prove to my new supervisor that I wouldn't be a weak link, and let my new trench mates know that I was a team player. It then became a personal goal to get as many up in a day as possible, and since we were removing so much back fill, it was quick and easy to do. I'm determined to come back a new woman and be beach body ready!

The evenings have been great fun here, with the new arrivals all being a little bit older than the last bunch and keen for a drink in the evenings and a later bed time. I haven't experienced going to site hungover yet, but who's to say that won't happen with the rate the drunk barbeques and dinners are going at. This weekend I've got a trip to Rome planned which I'm more than a little excited about, and I'll let you know about in the next post!

Lots of love,

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