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June 27, 2015

So as I said in my previous post, I was away on a trip with my sister down to England. I wrote about the first few days that we spent in Manchester here, which you can read before / after this one if you haven't already. Not only did we extend the trip from one night at a concert, to three nights in Manchester, we also decided that while we were down in England, we should visit our older brother too. Anthony lives in Herefordshire, in a wee town called Leominster; we visited him last summer, so you may remember some posts already on my blog about this area of the country.

We arrived on Thursday, and were put up by Anthony and his girlfriend Becca for the four nights that we were spending with them. Leominster is a pretty small place, with not a terrible amount going on, as Anthony and Becca liked to remind us. However, coming from the hustle and bustle of a big city like Manchester, some peace was exactly what we needed.

The weekend was spent with lots of great food - the two of them are amazing cooks, and prepared some delicious meals that helped to counteract all the unhealthy food we'd consumed in Manchester. Two of the nights we went out for dinner; the first of which we travelled into Hereford. Anthony and Becca had promised to show us the nightlife that Hereford had to offer, so beforehand we decided to line our stomachs at a place called the Shack Revolution. Previously a stall at festivals, this little pop up restuarant was the perfect combination of good food, drink & shabby chic. It only sells pizzas, but its totally worked to its favour, and delivered some delicious pizzas to our little seating area outside. The cocktails are to die for, and I rotated between "English Garden" and "Bramble" which were both made with quality gin.

We also went out on the Saturday to a Polish cafe in Leominster itself, which served us a mystery three course meal. The woman who runs it is friends with Anthony & Becca, and cooks up traditional Polish meals for them when asked. Each portion was enormous, and despite being a girl with a big appetite, I couldn't eat it all. It was so lovely to try different types of food and different flavours & ingredients. The presentation was also so gorgeous, and made me sad (for a mere second) to tuck into it.

We decided to have a wander around on the Sunday where Leominster was having a Medieval Pagent. We didn't expect the displays that we came across, but ended up having a fun time looking at all the stalls, and watching a demonstration of a battle. I even managed to put into practice a little bit of the knowledge that my Medieval Europe course taught me last term.

It was so lovely to spend time with my brother again, and experience a bit of what Leominster has to offer. I can't wait to see both Anthony & Becca in August when we go back down for a holiday, it's such a chilled and relaxed area, where you can really take a break.

Where is your favourite place to visit?


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  1. Is there anything in Leominster that you saw when you were there that might be a good suggestion for a tourist? I am thinking of going there soon and I'd love to hear of any of your suggestions, aside from what you've already mentioned! I'll definitely be checking in at Shack Revolution while I'm there, it sounds great! Love the post :)