Zomato Coffee & Tea At Halo Coffee Co.

April 26, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited by Zomato to go to a bloggers event at Halo Coffee Company in Edinburgh. Life sometimes runs away with you, and I've found myself 3 weeks down the line without sharing how the evening went - and because I had such a great time, a post is definitely needed.

Halo Coffee Company is set in Edinburgh's New Town, just behind the St. James centre and only a (slightly behind schedule) bus ride from my flat. The exterior is super cute, with fairy lights around the fencing. Walking down the stairs and into the cosy coffee shop, I was met with the faces of fellow Edinburgh bloggers - non of whom I had met but all of whom I got on great with - as well as the welcoming faces of Andrea and Claudio, from Zomato.

The inside of the coffee shop is very chic, I loved the little touches added to the simple decor - such as the bath room door sign (I know its lame that I took a pic, but that's just me). It felt like a very relaxing place, and definitely somewhere I will be returning to - especially after seeing the lunch menu!

After a few greetings, we started off on the event itself. Laid on the counter were lots of treats, alongside rows of little coffee cups ready to be filled. Excited was an understatement.

Michael, the owner, stood behind the counter as he talked us through the different flavours of teas we were going to be tasting. After letting us all smell the dried tea leaves, as well as the leaves after boiling, we were given a cup full of each flavour. I've never really been into tea before, but after tasting the different flavours that were offered I have now uncovered a whole new bed time drink option, instead of my hot chocolates. Although I wasn't a huge lover of the coffee - a personal preference -  I appreciated the way in which Michael made each brew, and did have a taste of the mocha and cappuccino. Michael was so enthusiastic, demonstrating the right way to make all these drinks and explaining each step to us. He's obviously very passionate about his shop, and this came through when he was talking to us.

It was such an enjoyable evening - and I've met so many new people, who I hope to stay in touch with and will hopefully be seeing them at future events. And of course, before we all started leaving, there was an opportunity for a group selfie / zelfie (which I've stolen from Andrea - I hope this is okay!).

Be sure to follow me over on Zomato to see all my foodie pictures and reviews, and if you're in Edinburgh head on over to Halo Coffee Co. for a good cuppa in a lovely atmosphere! You should also have a read of Zomato's blog post here to find out more about our evening! 


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