H & H | Walks Along the Beach

April 20, 2015

As this week's instalment for my 'Happier and Healthier' series is a little post about one of the things that makes me feel happy, relaxed and refreshed.

Many of you will see over my instagram pictures of beach walks with my little doggy Alfie, or perhaps have seen some blog posts about Aberdeen's beach. Nothing makes me happier than getting the opportunity to walk along the beach. Despite the weather making it less appealing at some points, timing it right can lead to a beautiful walk. Often I'll get up in the morning with my dad, and go on a walk at 8 in the morning. When the sun is coming up, its beautiful seeing the shadows cast across the waves, and often can be the only time that we see the sun that day.

Despite the sand giving your legs a fair work out to walk in, its lovely to walk along the shore line, hoping along the groynes as they appear. I often collect sea glass as I walk, trying to find the most unique fragment or a rare colour.

It makes me happy to hear the waves crash, and the gulls over head. Which is why I love being able to get out of the house and be in this peaceful surroundings. Walks by myself helps to get my head together, and gives me time to think things through. Walks with my mum, dad or sister are always fun, and help me to get my mind off of anything that's worrying me.

Having time away from your work space, or where you feel stressed is important, and I've found that being able to get out of the house and breathing in the fresh air helps to relax me, as well as giving myself some gentle exercise.

 What's your place that you love to go to when you want to relax? I think its important for everyone to have a place that they can walk to and get out of the house and have some fresh air.


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