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February 16, 2015

For today's post in my own little "Happier & Healthier" Series, I decided to write about one way in which I have been trying to add a little more positivity into my day. And that is by smiling!

It's pretty easy to wake up and think of how boring the day will be, and I'm especially one who thinks of the bad things in the day as I walk into uni each day. The prospect of library, readings and lectures doesn't enthuse me much, and I find myself dragging my feet as I make the half an hour walk each day to campus.

SO for the last few weeks I have been making an effort to smile. And I'm not saying full on cheeser smiling, but as I walk, instead of my relaxed face I have been trying to smile a little.

Positivity really is the key. I've started thinking more about where I'll be in two years time, graduating with a degree I enjoy and I'm proud of. And it makes the thought of enduring lectures that I'm not really interested in, more bearable. The thought of what it'll lead to. Even in a years time, I'll be in classes which I have chosen specifically for myself, so for the sake of them I try to enjoy these lectures.

Or I think about things that genuinely make me happy - if I'm seeing my family again soon, or I've got plans that I'm looking forward to, or my favourite band.. Anything that makes me a little bit happy. And it lifts my mood and makes the day seem better already.

And the day is never as bad as it seems.

Sometimes it just helps me take in my surroundings and appreciate the area I live and the campus I spend so much time at.

And I like to think that when strangers pass me by and see me looking happier then it lifts their mood too. There's nothing worse than seeing strangers looking unhappy about their day. If every one smiled a little more then the streets would be a little bit more pleasant.

What do you do to help you through an unexciting day?


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