Hill Street Design House Launch

November 23, 2014

Well it's been a whole month since I was kindly invited along to the launch of a new design studios in Edinburgh called Hill Street Design House. All I can say is sorry for not getting this post up sooner, but with trying to get the photos all edited, and struggling with saving it onto my ipad, it proved a little bit difficult! But on with the post...!

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SO, in October I met Karen Mabon at a Zomato Pub Quiz. Karen is a scarf designer, whose designs you may have seen on catwalks or around the necks of Fearne Cotton or Jameela Jamil. She creates the absolutely stunning designs, and I was lucky enough to have a good old natter with her, after which she invited me along to the launch of the design house in which she has her new studio.

Armed with one of my best friends, a new outfit and a glass of prosecco, myself and Carrie had a nosey around the whole of the house, and got to have a peak at all the amazing creations as well as having a chat with the artists themselves. But as fate would have it, Karen Mabon wasn't there for the night, and we didn't actually get to see her studio. However, the whole night was a great success and let me see the other side of the industry that I haven't every seen before.

And you can have a little peak at some of the things that we saw too, and hopefully find some new designers or artists to hit up in the future. Here's a little bit about just a few of the many talented people housed here- we didn't get the chance to talk to everyone, and I feel bad for not including them all, but if anything- its a reason to go back, and a chance for you to explore too!

Runaway Fox and The Edinburgh Casting Studio

This was the first room on the downstairs that we were able to see, and I was just blown away by the casts that were all over the walls. It was so cool to see them all- including hands, legs and bums, as well as animal casts such as pigs snouts and jewellery made from laser images. It was awesome getting to talk to the people behind such creative designs and if anyone is in need of unique christmas presents then look no further!

Carrie's photo 

Carrie's photo

Maggie Mowbray

SUCH amazing hats can be found here. Talking to Maggie really just proved the patience and creativity involved in the designing processes. All her hats are hand made, and to begin with I was too scared to touch them. But with some reassurance from her, I tried on a couple of different styles and fell in love. (although I am totally not in love with the photos of me, I do love the headpieces so decided to include them).

Carrie's photo 

Carrie's photo 


All I can say is that if you're looking for a custom made, and unoriginal wedding dress than look no where else. Her beautiful designs are so unique, and so eye catching- who would have thought that a green wedding dress is something that I'd actually consider, but after seeing her designs I'd trust her with that decision.

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Patience Jewellery

The sparkle is what attracted me initially, but looking at the designs, I was blown away. I think I'll let it speak for itself, because they are so stunning and had me in complete awe.

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And who could resist a wee try on of some of the amazing headbands! Modelled by the lovely Carrie.

Zuzanna Dominiak

Zuzanna is an amazing artist, what she called "quick" sketches of her travels looked as though hours were spent making them perfect. She also had a selection of quirky little badges, and I particularly liked her little origami birds.

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And the house its self was so sleek and stylish, a cheeky pose by the stair case was definitely in need, as you can see. There was such a sophisticated feel about the night as we wandered around with a glass of prosecco and collected SO many business cards.

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And this was a little summary of my night with the designers! Hope you enjoyed seeing something a little bit different on the blog. Carrie is one of my best friends and I'm so glad that I could share this evening with her- she isn't on the blogging band wagon yet but you can check her out on twitter here or her more active instagram over here

Thanks so much for reading guys, and I want to say a huge thank you to all who have followed on bloglovin- I've just hit 500 followers, which I only dreamed of, so to see people taking an interest in what I have to say is such an incredible feeling.
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  1. This shop looks like the perfect place to find little knick knacks - if only I lived closer! And congratulations on hitting the boglovin milestone :) xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  2. You photos are gorgeous!!

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