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October 16, 2014

Its somewhat ironic that after I post about balancing blogging and university, my life becomes even more hectic, and I don't have the time to get my mind together let alone write a sentence.

So this post is a little catch up.. With a hot chocolate in my hand, lights out and candles lit, and Love Actually on in the background, I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk about what's been keeping me away from my computer and why I haven't had the chance to blog in over a week. And I really DO apologise for that!

After my post last Monday, my week started to revolve around uni work and going home. On Thursday night I made the three hour trip back up to Aberdeen to visit my family (yet again) and planned to upload a couple of posts when I was there. But as per usual, I ended up being more exhausted from that break than I am when I'm at uni. Dog walks, late night chats with the fam and early mornings tire me out and leave me with little energy to do anything else.

On Sunday I was then struck down with illness... Okay that may be over the top, but I contracted a 24 hour bug, exactly what I didn't need! This resulted in me being sick on the train ride back to Edinburgh that night (and I'll spare you the gross details, but lets just say I spent a lot of time apologising to the train staff and in the toilet). SO Monday resulted in me going to university with no make up on and feeling like death for the whole day.

BUT luckily I was feeling better by night time and met with my school chums and had a lovely dinner and night out with them. Let's just say that this resulted in me feeling unwell for the rest of Tuesday and NOT because of the bug. I did however manage to make it along to Zomato's Pub Quiz. Zomato is a super handy website and app that have a list of all the restaurants in Edinburgh (and many many other places) with reviews, photos and menus for them all. Although I was a little apprehensive going along when I knew no-one there, I ended up having a great time and met some really lovely people who I hope to see again soon.

While juggling these things the last few days, I've also had to try and write an essay that I left WAY too late to start in the first place, and managed to pick the most vague and confusing question ever! But with that now done and awaiting to be handed in tomorrow morning.

SO what's next?

Well, I'm getting organised! I'm going to be busy over this weekend starting some essays that are due in a few weeks but also writing posts so that a week doesn't pass without a post again. I've got a teen blog series post to catch up on, a little photo post from the beach last week, and some plans for this weekend and next week to write about too.

So I apologise again for being so inactive this last week, and I hope you can forgive me!
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