Exploring an Island

September 07, 2014

On one of the regular dog walks with Alfie, I went down to the river to throw stones for him. Getting to the river bank we discovered that the river level was really low and we could actually walk across to what is usually an island. So of course we went exploring and, of course, I took some photos to share. 

Alfie waiting for me to throw stones for him. When I discovered I could hop across the stones to get to the island.

A bike that has been submerge for goodness knows how long and is absolutely covered in mud! The water usually goes to the top of the bank above those tree branches. 

Alfie immediately ran to chase all the sea gulls away. 


Another snap of the sea gulls (before I had to run away because I was scared they would poop on me).


The moss that covered the stones, and was so slippery.

Alfie finding YET another tennis ball. I've nicknamed that area "the graveyard for tennis balls" because there were SO many! We were going to claim a few, but they were so water logged and soggy that not even Alfie wanted one after he picked it up. 

And a final shot of my partner in crime. 


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