Songs That I've Been Loving

August 13, 2014

Recently I've been listening and listening to some songs on repeat, and quite understandably, been getting into trouble for singing at the top of my lungs in a not-so in tune voice (it really can't be helped). I thought I'd share some of those songs. Some are old, most are new- but these are the ones that this summer I just can't get enough of it.

All I Got, Hendersin
I first heard this song while I was scrolling through my vine feed, it seemed to be on all the edits that appeared. I looked up the little clip that was always being played and found the song to go along with it. I think this is a fun little song, good for a wee dance. Although its pretty hard to sing along with all the rapping parts, and I do try my best, I still really enjoy having this song on while I go about- its upbeat and cheerful, what more could you want!
Listen to it here.

Young Volcanoes, Fall Out Boy
This song I first heard while I was away on my dig, and the people that I shared lifts with played it practically every journey. Of course I became obsessed with it, and listen to it all the time. I've never thought I'd like Fall Out Boy, but I think that because this song is a little different from their usual stuff, I didn't actually twig that it was them until I was told. Its very catchy, and good for belting out the lyrics to.
Listen here.

Don't Stop, Nina Nesbitt
I can't pass up a Scottish talent, and Nina Nesbitt I have been loving for the last few years. I recently got her album, with this cover of Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop and I really like how she's added her own style to it. Its not an exact copy of the song (which let's face it, is pretty amazing in it's original form) and Nina Nesbitt's unique voice really lends itself to this song.
Listen Here.

Boom Clap, Charli XCX
Ever since I watched The Fault In Our Stars, I've become obsessed with this song. Its a dance tune, and its pretty much impossible to not dance when it comes on. And the music video is great too. If you haven't heard this song, where have you been!? It's fast becoming my "tune of Summer 14".
Listen to it here.

English Love Affair, 5 Seconds Of Summer
Its no surprise that a 5 Seconds of Summer song had to be in my top songs at the moment. What with their new album being released just the other month, its a surprise I've listened to any other song really. But to try and pick just one song out of the album, which is no mean feat, brings me to English Love Affair. Its upbeat, its catchy, its a little bit punk rock. Its perfect, and I just love the story line that the song follows- cheesy, but very amusing.
Definitely listen here.

Problem, Ariana Grande
This is a song that brings a lot of moaning when I try and sing in the same key as Ariana Grande- impossible, but its the trying that counts right?- but its irresistible to try and reach it. I am in total envy of her voice, and this song has won me over. I even try to rap along with it. It's definitely an empowering and sassy song, that just begs to be listened to.
Listen here.

Rude, Magic!
Radio 2 (I feel middle aged saying that I listen to radio 2!) has been loving this song over the last few weeks for sure. Whenever the radio is on I hear this song being played, so obviously its become stuck in my head on more than one occasion. I really like the reggae feel to it, and I think its a fun little song that is quite relaxing and smooth.
Have a listen here.

Happy Little Pill, Troye Sivan
I've been a huge fan of Troye Sivan for the last few years, and when I heard he had an EP coming out I was more than excited. I find Happy Little Pill a really cool, relaxing and enjoyable song. I think its in keeping with the general sound that is popular right now, but with something a little different thrown in. The lyrics behind it are also really meaningful, which I really like about it. I reckon it has the potential to become huge. 
Listen Here.

So that's a total of 8 songs that I've been loving. Of course there are plenty more, but those are just a few that I thought of sharing. Let me know of any song recommendations, or if you've been loving the same or different songs!

Love and hugs,

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