The Rhayader Dams

July 26, 2014

While I was on holiday with my family in Leominster, we took a day trip to the Rhayader Dams which are in Wales. My brother acted as a tour guide for us, telling us about the history of these truly stunning water stores. If you've ever watched "The Dam Busters", then you may recognise some of the photos that I have included in this post.

Not only are these dams famous for their beautiful scenery that surrounds them, but they also played a key part in World War 2. The British Air Force used the Rhayader Dams to practice bouncing bombs off of the water in order to cause an explosion off of the dams, thusly destroying a German town, which was the target of this attack. The film "The Dam Busters" is based on this event, but was filmed partly at the Rhayader Dams.When standing on these dams, it was amazing to think that such activities were occurring where we stood, around 70 years ago.

The dams are also incredible to view from standing on top of them, looking down I experienced a strong feeling of Vertigo, and must admit I didn't feel quite so safe on the view chamber that had been created. Hills surround them, making them feel very enclosed and peaceful, but you can imagine the sound that these incredible structures would make when they were actually turned on, and surprisingly a house was situated at the bottom of the largest one! Looking into the actual reservoir, you can't see even close to the bottom, the still water was so vast. Anthony told us of how for one of the dams, they flooded a whole village, and when the water level was very low, you can actually see the church spire and the tops of the taller buildings.

We also found a little chapel, just off the path to the first of the dams, which offered us a break from the sun and the walking- and also some music as it has an old pump organ, which my brother played as we explore the area.

It made for a lovely day out, we took the dog, a picnic and plenty of water and had a good ol' time exploring the hills and the wildlife around these spectacular features.

Much love,

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  1. That place looks absolutely lovely. I just want to travel the whole of Europe!

    Arianne |

    1. I would definitely recommend the English and Scottish countryside- you can find some really pretty unknown places in it, like the dams xx

  2. Absolutely STUNNING views from the top! I have a friend who's from Wales- this just looks.. breath taking. I definitely need to put this place on my bucket list!

    1. It was an absolutely amazing view, and we lucked out and got it on a fairly mild and clear day, so the hills were outstanding. I couldn't recommend this place enough, especially if you've got a friend near by! xx