Song of the Week #1

April 13, 2014

I thought I'd start a little weekly post about what song I've been loving each week.
It'll just be a short little post about it, and why I like it, along with a link to the actual song, should anyone want to listen to it too.

This week, I have been loving listening to 'Do It Again' by The Beach Boys.
The weather has been improving this week, and along with the sunshine comes The Beach Boys on replay. Granted I haven't been blasting it out like I normally do, but the weather isn't quite warm enough for that yet. But with the promise of sunshine, and glimpses of it throughout this week, I couldn't resist playing the Beach Boys just a couple of times.

'Do It Again' has to be my favourite song of theirs, because it was the very first time I remember listening to them. I was about 8, and it was Halloween, my sister and I had just returned from trick or treating with our mum, and my dad had taken the evening to play some of his favourite music. We must have been on a sugar rush or something, but I remember dancing around for ages to The Beach Boys, and my favourite tune of theirs being 'Do It Again'.

The Beach Boys are ideal for summer days, and I always always play them in the car, windows rolled down and just loving the sunshine and life. And I really feel like 'Do It Again' is such an underrated song, everyone knows the classics, but not many people listen to all the albums, which my dad has introduced me to.

So if you haven't heard of The Beach Boys, or 'Do It Again', then I highly recommend playing a song or two, because it is so unbelievably catchy, and really will put you in a summery, happy mood. They are a pretty old band, the single was released in 1968, they were formed in 1961. But their songs are famous for their harmonization, which is great to sing along to, so give it a go!


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