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March 18, 2014

Today I saw a boy and girl on what looked like their first date. The girl was holding a bunch of flowers and they were leaving a restaurant. She looked enthusiastic about what she was talking about, she was gesturing with her hands and had a smile on her face. He walked alongside her, hands in his pocket and kept glancing over, sneaking glances of her, but would look away when she looked up, not catching her eye. I could be totally wrong, but it looked like the pair genuinely liked one another.
This made me smile, witnessing what could be the start of their relationship.
I'm not someone who has any experience of romantic relationships, but that's what I'd imagine the beginning of one to look like. Nerves, excitement, full of possibility. It's something that I think should be treasured. People tend to rush into things so fast and don't appreciate it fully. They tend to want to move onto the next stage and get there fast, and don't value the initial thing that sets the rest in motion. I've tried to start doing this. When I know a day is going to be busy and stressful, I've been trying to appreciate the walk to my classes, when I can relax and look at what's surrounding me. It's been helping me to calm down a lot more, even my mum has said that she's noticed a different me in the last couple of weeks. I haven't been on the phone crying and stressing myself out, I've been telling her how I'm going to organise my time so that I won't have to panic. Waking up with a more positive outlook for the day ahead. And it's this reason, I think, that I was able to catch that significant moment in that couple's relationship. Whether it was a date or not, I saw two people who were enjoying one another's company.
I thought I'd share this with you, because I've found my days have been becoming clearer than they were a few weeks ago, and I felt the need to tell you.
I'm going to finish this post with a link to my sister's boyfriend's band Second Star. They are relatively new and have done a couple of gigs back in Aberdeen. The link that I'm posting is to their song To Be Free, and one of the lyrics, I feel relates to this post, and I love the meaning behind it. If you fancy, give it a view- its pretty catchy too.

Thanks guys,
Much love as always,

"We Don't Need that much to survive, just a smile, an open heart, everyday we live."~ To Be Free

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