50 Facts about Me: Part One

February 12, 2014

So I've seen a lot of youtubers doing this tag on youtube a while back, and I thought it would be a good way to let any readers of this blog get to know me. When I've was thinking about the 50 facts I would do, it made me think of how much I've changed, just in this last year alone. So I'm quite keen to do this every so often, so I can see how much I have changed and what facts would be different.

To try and keep this a readable length and not go on for pages, I tried to keep my facts fairly short, and do it in a couple of parts, maybe a few weeks apart.. so it should really be called "25 Facts about Me" but anyway..
Here I go!

1. I'm studying archaeology, which is something I've wanted to do since I was seven, when I met an archaeologist on a school trip. It's one of my dreams to make an amazing discovery and become really famous for it and for it to change the way we look at some aspect of history.. big dreamer I know.

2. I have lived in the same house since I was born. Except now, since I'm living in student halls, but my family home has always been that house. And I don't want my parents to ever move out, and the possibility of that actually upsets me.

3. I am seriously scared of fire. In p6 when we had our first fire safety talk with a fireman, I actually fainted when we were shown a video. And, bonus fact, that fireman then came to my secondary school 2 years later to give us another talk and recognised me. I then left the room 10 minutes later in floods of tears.

4. I go insanely red. As in my whole face just lights up, and its something that has happened my whole life. If any attention is directly on me, my face just decided to embarrass me even more.

5. I am 18 and I still haven't had a boyfriend. It's just never happened for me!

6. I have fainted so many times in my life. From s2 till s6, I would faint practically every month on my 'lady time' and the nurse would expect me. One time my fainting was so bad I was off school for a week, and had to go to hospital, but they never did find out what was wrong.

7. I still sleep with a cuddly toy. His name is Chester and he is a bear that my little sister made 9 years ago and gave to me so he would be loved.

8. I'm a Christian, and I was branded the "innocent one" at school because I don't swear and don't throw myself at guys. I was actually a Sunday school teacher and a girls brigade leader in 6th year though.

9. I am a huge One Direction fan. It started when they were on the x factor and just spiralled out of control after my sister and I met them. I seen them perform 4 times, the 5th one will be this June and I can't help it, I love them.

10. I can drive, I passed the driving test first time, but failed the theory (which is supposedly the easy part) and had to resit it.

11. The reason I failed the test was because we decided to get a dog and I spent the days before my test searching for dogs instead of revising. Which is not advisable.

12. I love a good accent. Irish accents are my fav by far, but I do love an accent.

13. My favourite tv show is Dexter, I have all the boxsets and my record so far is watching an entire season in 3 days.

14. I love to dance. I've only just stopped dancing because I moved away, but I started when I was 5 and have grade 5 tap, grade 5 modern and grade 8 ballet.

15. I love my family so much, and want to have 4 kids, and I had it all planned out for what ages I wanted them, which lead to a saying between my friends of '4 in 4 years' which made its way into my yearbook.

16. My favourite thing in the world is my (not so much anymore) puppy. He's a springer spaniel called Alfie and is 11 months old. He's my first dog and I couldn't imagine anything cuter, he's the sweetest thing in the world. (he's the doggy in my header photo)

17. I have 2 sisters and a brother. My brother is 25, who I haven't actually seen in months because he lives in England, my older sister is 23 and my younger is 16. We are such a close family and I love them to bits.

18. My favourite place I've gone to would have to be Turkey. I love the heat, the beaches and I love the history that surrounds the towns and villages. It's my dream to travel along the Southern coast of Turkey and learn about the history.

19. I have broken my left arm twice. I broke my elbow when I was five by jumping from the back of the sofa, something which I was warned not to do but thought it looked fun, and my wrist when I was seven by falling down a few steps on the ladder leading to my attic.

20. My favourite book is 'The Hunger Games' and I actually started reading it when it very first came out, and I'm very proud of my first edition books. The first time I read it, I reread it heaps and in a year had read it 30 times. It's very lame but its worth it.

21. My favourite time of the year is Christmas! I love everything about it, the music, the decorations and the food, but my favourite part has to be just the feeling that its Christmas and everyone is happy and smiling, and it makes me so happy.

22. In August I went on my first girls holiday to Kavos for a week, and I actually made friends with quite a few of the people that are shown on the show What Happens In Kavos.

23. I think that my favourite food is Spaghetti Bolognese, its hard to decide and I go through different phases, I think the food that I consistently like is SpagBol.

24. As well as being scared of fire, I am scared of horses. I think it's just because I've never been that close to one, but it just scares me that they could easily charge at you or kick you off their back, so I tend to stay away.

25. I have a coin collection. Its something that I don't tend to admit to having, but in primary school I used to collect old coins or foreign coins and I have two boxes now. The oldest coins I have are from the start of the Victorian period though, so not very old, but I feel like its quite impressive.

There you go folks, that's 25 facts about me. Hope it wasn't too boring or long, but I had fun writing it and thinking up what to put down.

Untill next time!
Thaaank youuu,

love, Emily

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